Building a high traffic website by following Rules

Week 1: Welcome to my first entry called - Building a high traffic website by following Rules. This is rather exciting and a first for me. The premise of this blog is simple - Is it possible to build a well ranking website by following best practice SEO and keeping to the Google webmaster guidelines. My goal is to build a website that does not try cut any corners and to track and display my performance on a weekly basis.

This very website will be used to measure my experiment, and I plan on giving out detailed information about keywords and traffic I am receiving. If my progress is good you are probably reading this very post, it if is poor I will probably disappear into the depths of the internet where no webmasters are found alive. It should be noted that this website is only 1 week old, and that I run 10 other websites so I will try my best to update my SEO blog as often as possible given my time constraints.

The rules imposed on my website.

The assumption I have made is simple, Google gives advice and this website will follow that advice - If may stray off the beaten path but my goal is to make this a legitimate source of SEO with good practices, quality content, and a path for people to learn about SEO "Myself included".

The traffic I get will be based on following the following rules:

Rule 1. My page will be easy to navigate with clear and easy to follow links used.
Rule 2. I will try to keep links to a reasonable amount.
Rule 3. I will try to write an informative website with quality information that has been researched.
Rule 4. I will include a few search terms that others may be searching for to hopefully get their browsers attention.
Rule 5. I will use ALT tags for any images I use, but would prefer to describe my content using text.
Rule 6. I will give my pages meaningful names and meta descriptions, with no two pages having the same titles.
Rule 7. I will use the best HTML techniques I know.
Rule 8. I will not use any dynamic pages for my content.
Rule 9. I want to build a website that is useful for my users and not aimed at the search engines.
Rule 10. I will not mislead or trick my users in any way.
Rule 11. I will not participate in any link exchange programs.
Rule 12. I will strive to offer content that is compelling and worth recommending to others.
Rule 13. I will personally create every article and not copy content from other websites.
Rule 14. I will not do any redirects that could annoy my users.
Rule 15. I will not do any forms of keyword stuffing.

How my traffic looks at present.

OK, now that we have all of the formalities out of the way what about my numbers. Well sadly they are not very good at the moment but hey everyone starts somewhere - A new website is like a small child you have to teach it a few things, feed it, make sure it looks good to the rest of the world - only then could it become a great success.

But since I am forced to publish my numbers I will be using webmasters tools to show what keywords have been indexed at present and after 1 week of blogging this is what I did. I wrote a blog about Keyword research last I checked it was on page 4 on and some of these terms have come into my results, even if they are only at position 130.

My Keywords

I also wrote a blog about 10 questions you should ask your SEO consultant, that was a fairly good article and I put a few hours into writing it, and checking my grammar and facts. It is currently ranked on page 3 on Google but as of yet I have not had any visitors to it.

10 Questions on Google

I am not concerned about my traffic "or lack of it" at the moment since my site is still seen as a small child by Google standards, over time it will grow - my keywords will grow, my blogs will gain a few more positions and hopefully my visitors will start arriving and see some value in my content.

My website is targeting the United States since I have set it to do so in webmaster tools, but the queries I am currently seeing are world wide. Over time that will change and I should start seeing improvements in my U.S data.

You are welcome to follow my traffic progress

If you have any thoughts of suggestions please hold them until I get my comments sorted out, I am a developer by trade but I have not had time to create a comments section. I welcome your thoughts about SEO or about what I am doing wrong but keep the comments clean since no spam will be allowed on the site.

I am not a novice SEO but there is always room for improvement, some things I try work well but other sites simply crash and burn - the important part is the learning process that takes place. I want to make this website a success and you cant do that over night, it takes a few hours to create a single article, and a few hundred articles to get any respectable traffic.

As for my SEO track record, I do not want to mention my other websites since any links may skew the results or seem like I am trying to create some kind of link network. The idea is to build a website from scratch that has no assistance from others. This will therefore stick to my theme of "playing by the rules" imposed by Google and most SEO experts.

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