How to make a popular Website

The question I get asked most often from clients is "How to make a popular Website?", now this question needs to be approached with caution since I dont want to mislead my readers. You should also know that there is no magic formula or quick fix to make your website popular but there are a few fundamental principles that you should know about and understand before taking the first steps to website success.

First questions you need to ask yourself

Before you rush off to your website designer, you should ask yourself a few basic questions. Without proper planning, there is no point launching a website, you will be heading down a very lonely road if you rush into some website venture and misinterpret your idea as the next big thing.

1. What is my concept: Focus on a single website niche or idea. Some of my past clients have the misunderstanding that more is better, and in SEO terms more is often frowned upon. So while brainstorming your idea, focus on one concept or market that your site will target.

If for example you wanted to create an website about travel, then refine your idea incrementally until you have for example a more detailed explanation about your travel website. Will you be offering a travel blog, or a tour operator service, or a forum for travel agents. Your choice should be based on market research and also keyword research.

2. Have I researched the market?

Keyword research is essential to understanding your market. Without proper knowledge of what the market demands we cannot be certain out idea is even worth pursuing. You need to research your keywords before you start designing a website, you can do this using Google Keyword Tool that is build into Google Ad words.

3. How do I know I have a great idea?

As far as website success goes it is quite tricky to get it right, I have personally launched over 50 websites, and only about 10 percent of those have become "popular", and by popular I mean "Doing moderately well", about 2 of those sites are doing really well. So how do you know you have a good idea? Im afraid it all comes down to trial and error, you will learn a lot by launching your first website - and gain understanding about how the internet works.

Clients of mine quickly expect results, the Inexperienced SEO would promise them much more than he can predict and often this leads to a frustration and panic. "But I was certain my idea was going to work?"

In my days helping others setup websites, I promise nothing - I merely advice them as to what has the best chances of working, or the techniques that produce the least possible chance of failing if you like.

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